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Course Code Course Name Notes Select Price
EIT 401 EIT/FE Engineer in Training Review Course General $500.00
ENG 110 Calculator Review Course Casio fx-115ES Review $30.00 if combined with any other course $80.00
PE 501 PE-Civil 8-Hour Review Coursee Structures Emphasis $370.00
PE 502 PE-Civil 8-Hour Review Course Geotechnical/ Traffic/ Surveying Emphasis $280.00
PE 503 PE-Civil 8-Hour Review Course Environmental/Hydraulics/ Hydrology Emphasis $280.00
PE 504 PE-Civil 8-Hour Review Course Construction Emphasis $200.00
SEIS 501 Seismic Principles Review Course $520.00
SEIS 502 Seismic Review (2) Exams $100.00
SURV 501 Engineering Surveying Review Course $520.00
SURV 502 Engineering Surveying Review (2) Exams $100.00
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