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General Comments:

  • The morning session was as expected. The afternoon was difficult.
  • Time was the enemy.
  • They really built us up in the morning (pretty easy stuff), but was way more challenging in the afternoon.
  • The day of the test they removed 120 solved problems and sample surveying exams publications (most likely because they were booklets that were stapled in the middle). Please warn students that maybe they should have these books hole punched in a binder.

EIT Exam Comments:

  • The exam was easier than the sample one provided in the FE manual book we used at the class.
  • The afternoon session is a little tricky.
  • 4/2008 Exam was fair in the morning and tough in the afternoon. PM was mostly thermodynamics and Dynamics, even the eng. Econ questions were thermo related questions. As always time was not on our side and I ran out of time. The review course really helped me prepare specially with Math and Eng Econ. Mohammad did a great job, that was the area that I focused on a lot, but thermo shocked me.

PE Exam Comments:

  • I finished both the surveying and the seismic exams with about 20 minutes to go and just started looking through my practice problems books. Fortunately I found some identical questions which either confirmed my initial answer or I was able to correct a wrong one.
  • I took the water afternoon primarily because many of the questions from the environmental were the same.
  • Traffic – Vertical Curve (asking BVC STA)
    Geo – 90% soil problems
    Structure – shear diagram for beam.
    Environmental – Philip’s class was very useful. He covered most of the problems.
    Water – at least 6 problems using minor loss equation. One reservoir problem.
  • Evening Water…
    Minor loss was the main issue all over the exam.
    There were a few reservoir, parallel pipes.
    Several similar problems were from Phillip’s note.
    Soil property, soil mechanics problem.
  • 4/2008 The morning part of the 8 hr exam was pretty easy. As expected the afternoon part was a little bit tougher. It made it harder for me since my review for the Environmental part was really tight. However, the hydraulics part balanced my afternoon exam and the tiny knowledge that I gained from that 2 day review from Phillip helped. In both exams, I was able to finished and review my answers.

Surveying Exam Comments:

  • Big change in exam format. 45 questions. Multiple step type problems. You really needed to focus on getting the questions you worked on correct because time becomes even more of an issue. I’d be surprised if anyone could actual answer all 45 questions in 2-1/2 hours.
  • Exam went well for me. I thought it was very straight forward, perhaps a little confusing on the wording of some of the problems.

Seismic Exam Comments:

  • 4/2008 Seismic was ok but lots of problems (48) so I couldn’t finish them in time…lots of people gave up and walked out of the exam. From ALL the people that took the exam, I heard they thought it was hard…..your class covered all but we were short with time.
  • 4/2008 There were all kinds of problems such as design and detailing questions and problem solving which required more than 2.5 minutes, and a lot of principles, earthquake, codes, regulations, diaphragms and others I did not get to. I seriously need to manage time wisely, and practice exams will really help.
  • 4/2008 I found the Seismic exam the toughest. With 48 questions in 2 1/2 hrs, I can't find enough time to answer all the questions. The exam per se is really basic. All that Nagi thought was there. All S1 and Ss were given. Mostly, you are required to get the R value. Fp for non-sturctural components were there too...Drag Forces...Sa...Chord...Axial load using ASCE code...Seismic Forces in every storey...Seismic evaluation...etc. Anyway, I think I answered around 55%-60% with confidence. I hope the lucky answers will pull me through.

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